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Raymax is the Australasian Distributor for ATL, GSI Lumonics, Light Machinery and Optec. For more than a decade we have supplied both standard lasers and systems, custom devices and "first time ever" complete UV solutions to industry. In all instances the laser sources have come from ATL or GSI Lumonics while the system, optics and integration have come from our other partners.

Raymax solves problems with lasers. We have a proven reputation for innovation within Australian industry and science. Our micromachining work has primarily been within the security industry, biomedicine and cutting-edge science. We have identified and initiated solutions in collaboration with our global partners to provide systems that always perform as promised.

Virtually all of our custom solutions involve confidentiality and Intellectual Property agreements with our customers and it is not possible to display photographs of either the devices themselves or the products generated. For a general indication of what can be achieved by UV micromachining, please view the other pages of this site.


If you live and work in our part of the world please ask us how we can solve your problem. Let us show you our expertise and innovation with support from the other partners in the group.